Matcha milktea powder( Meiko tea brand) – 600g tin packing

Ingredient Matcha Green Tea Powder, Refined Sugar, Milk Powder
Weight 1 kg/ bag, 600g/tin
Quy cách 12 bags/ carton, 12 tins/ carton
Shelf life 12 Monts
Storage Keep in a cold and dry place, avoid direct sunlight
Place of Origin Việt Nam
Manufacturer Nafotech
Instruction Use directly or as an ingredient in beverage recipes

Matcha hot milk: 30gr matcha milk + 120ml hot water,stir well and enjoy.

Cold: 30gr matcha milk + 100ml hot water,stir well, add ice and enjoy

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Product Description

With a new canning method. Suitable for family use. Matcha Meiko Tea milk powder with long form gives customers a complete experience. The product gives you a glass of delicious milk tea with a characteristic flavor of green tea.

User manual

Hot mix: Pour 120ml of hot water into the glass then add 30g of Matcha milk tea powder and stir well with a cup of Matcha 150ml hot milk tea (pour into 180ml or 200ml glass). Add topping (jelly, pearl …)

Ice mix: Pour 100ml of hot water into a glass and then add 30g of Matcha milk tea powder and stir, add the ice you have used to have a cup of Matcha milk tea from 150ml – 180ml (put in 200ml or 250ml glass). Add topping (jelly, pearl …) at will

Product advantages

Matcha is from Japan
Natural taste and color


Matcha milk tea
Processing different recipes

Contact information
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